Welcome to Hjaltland!

Take a look around, relax in The Mutinous Piglet pub (just protect your drink from tiny, marauding dragons), strap yourself into the saddle of a marron and climb to the high Eyrie tower in the Citadel, relax by the fire and read a book as Millie serves you tea and toasted crumpets, then board a Windpyre waka and fly above it all beneath the drifting lights of the Mirrie Dancers. This story, and this world, will not take you quite where you expect it to go.
You are always welcome.


A huge, heartfelt THANK YOU to all my fabulous beta readers and supporters, and to the cultural/language advisors, Kōkā Ripeka and Norma Aitken. Also thanks to Cranthorpe Millner Publishing, for bringing this story out into the light. I appreciate you so much.

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Excerpts from Book Two

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